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Choosing a criminal lawyer will be one of the most important decisions you will make. The criminal lawyer you choose can determine your future. Our lawyers know a conviction for a criminal offence can be a life-changing event. We take this seriously. A conviction can lead to you losing your job, family, reputation, and even your freedom. 

We are experts in criminal law cases and defence work. Our expertise is in representing clients charged with the below criminal offences. When choosing a lawyer, you want someone who has experience with the offence you face. Not all criminal offences are the same. Our lawyers have knowledge of the law, the legal system and procedures to enable them to fight for you and achieve the best outcome. We are one of the best criminal law firms in Brisbane.

Our criminal law team will carefully examine your case and give you expert legal advice. Our lawyers will give you all your options and will recommend the best way forward. Our lawyers will act for you if you plead not guilty or even if you want to plead guilty.

We are ready to achieve you the best outcome, no matter what your situation.

Violent Offences 

We represent clients charged with various assaults and violent offences, including: –

  • Common assault. 
  • Assault occasioning bodily harm. 
  • Serious Assault. 
  • Grievous bodily harm. 
  • Robbery. 
  • Torture. 
  • Wounding. 
  • Murder. 
  • Manslaughter. 

Drug Offences 

Our criminal lawyers are highly experienced in drug offences, including: – 

  • Possessing a dangerous drug. 
  • Supplying a dangerous drug. 
  • Trafficking in a dangerous drug. 
  • Producing a dangerous drug. 

Fraud & Money Laundering

Our criminal lawyers represent clients charged with various fraud offences and money laundering, including:-

  • Centrelink fraud. 
  • Boiler Room operation frauds. 
  • High value frauds. 
  • Fraudulent schemes. 
  • Cash converter frauds. 

Sexual Offences

Our criminal lawyers have a significant amount of experience in representing clients charged with a wide variety of sexual offences, including:-

  • Indecent treatment of a child under 16
  • Maintaining a sexual relationship with a child
  • Rape. 
  • Sexual assault. 
  • Grooming Children Under 16.
  • Incest. 
  • Unlawful sodomy. 
  • Possessing Child Exploitation Material.


I have been charged with a criminal offence what now?


Have you been given a notice-to-appear or granted bail by the watch house? If so, you are probably wondering what happens now.

In Brisbane, your first Court appearance will usually be in the Roma Street Magistrates Court. The Roma Street Magistrates Court is at 240 Roma Street, Brisbane. If you were given a notice-to-appear you must appear at the mention. If you do not go to Court, a warrant will be issued for your arrest. If you were granted bail and you are legally represented, your lawyer can appear for you.  Remember, always check with your lawyer first to see if you need to attend Court. 

What can happen before the first Court mention?

Before you appear in Court, the first thing we do is ask the prosecution to give us: 

1. A copy of the QP9 Court Brief. 

2. A copy of any criminal history they have for you. 


The QP9 Court Brief (A.K.A QP9) will detail the charge/s and the facts the police allege for each offence. You can see an example of a QP9 by clicking here. The QP9 should outline what evidence the police have or say they can get and a list of the witnesses.  It is important to find out what offences police charged you with and the facts alleged by the police. This information will help in: –

1. Determining which Court will hear your case.

2. Determining if it is likely the prosecution will ask the Court to impose any bail conditions.

3. If you are in custody, determining if we should make a bail application for you. 

In Queensland, the charge you face will decide which Court will hear your criminal case. For adults, three Courts hear criminal charges, the Magistrates, District and Supreme Court. It is important to know before your first Court date which Court will hear your criminal charge. The law states the criminal offences each Court can hear. You should note,  for some criminal offences the law states the prosecution can choose which Court will hear your case. The law states for some criminal offences the defendant can choose which Court hears their case. A defendant may choose the District Court to hear their case rather than the Magistrates Court. They may do this for a tactical reason. For example, a defendant may prefer a jury rather than a Magistrate determining if they are guilty.   

In Brisbane, criminal charges are “summary charges” or “indictable charges”. If the charge is a summary charge, then this means the Magistrates Court will hear your case. If the charge is an indictable charge, this means the District Court or Supreme Court will hear your case. 

If the Magistrates Court hears your case and you go to trial, a Magistrate will decide if you are guilty. But, if you go to trial in the District or Supreme Court, then a jury will decide if you are guilty.



What happens at the first Court mention?


If your charge is an indictable offence, the Magistrate will adjourn your case to the “committal call-over”.  The committal call-over is at 9:00am each Monday. It takes place at the Brisbane Magistrates Court at 363 George Street, Brisbane. 

If your charge is a summary offence, you have a few options:

1. Plead guilty and be sentenced by the Magistrate.

2. Adjourn your case to allow you time to send the prosecution a submission.

3. Adjourn your case to the summary call-over to ask the prosecution to give you evidence.

4. Adjourn your case to the summary call-over to engage in case conferencing with the prosecution.   

The Roma Street Magistrates Court is a busy Court. Because of this, Magistrates only have time to hear quick sentence hearings for a few charges. If you want to plead guilty to several charges, the Magistrate will adjourn your case to the Brisbane Magistrates Court. 

What is a callover in the Magistrates Court?

A callover is where cases are mentioned before a Magistrate. The Magistrate’s role is to oversee the progress of the case and to make Orders relating to things that include:

  • the disclosure of evidence by the prosecution to the defence.
  • when the defence must serve on the prosecution their application to cross-examine witnesses.
  • When cases will be listed for sentence or trial.

The Summary Callover

The summary callover in the Brisbane Magistrates Court occurs each Wednesday at 9:00am. The Brisbane Police Prosecutions Corps manage the summary callover. If your case is listed for this day, you should arrive early, like 8:30am. When you arrive at Court, you must first speak to a police prosecutor. The prosecution will generally have a meeting room where they keep the files they have for each defendant whose case is being mentioned. The prosecution will speak to defendants and criminal lawyers one-by-one. The prosecution will want to know what you want to do. For example, are you ready to list for sentence, do you need disclosure of any evidence, do you want to list for trial. For more information CLICK HERE. 

The Committal Callover

The committal callover in the Brisbane Magistrates Court occurs each Monday at 9:00am. The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (“DPP”) manages this callover. The primary purpose of this callover is to enable defendants and defence lawyers to be provided the police brief. At the first mention the Magistrate will usually make an order for the prosecution to disclose a brief-of-evidence to the defence by a certain date. After the defence has received the brief-of-evidence, the Magistrate will expect them to advise the Court if:

  • They will me making an application to the Court to cross-examine any witnesses.
  • The case will be proceeding by way of a registry committal.

It is not unusual for the prosecution not to disclose the brief-of-evidence by the due date. In these situations, the prosecution will ask the Magistrate for another adjournment so they can provide the outstanding material.

For more information in relation to the committal callover, please CLICK HERE.     



How much does a criminal lawyer cost?

You may be concerned about what it will cost you to get legal advice and representation. Traditionally criminal lawyers charged clients an hourly rate. The lawyer charged the client a fee based on the time they spent working on their case. This method of billing is often called the time-costed method. Many law firms using this time-costed method charge the client in 6 minute increments. This means if the lawyer took 2 minutes to do a task (e.g. sending you an email) you would be charged for 6 minutes. is because you are being charged in 6 minute increments.

Some criminal defence lawyers charge on a fixed fee basis. This means they will charge a client a fee for each stage of work or task performed. Before the lawyer works on the client’s case, they will tell the client:


1. What work will be performed; and

2. What the client will be charged for that work. 

The charging of fees on a fixed fee basis gives clients certainty about what they will be charged. This method of charging means clients need not worry about their fees snowballing out of control. They also need not worry about being charged for every time they contact their criminal defence lawyer.    



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